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RFID Future
April 20, 2009, 4:23 am
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rfid2There are many questions one may ask when referring to radio frequency identification (RFID). What is RFID? What will happen upon its implementation within society? How far will RFID reach? For starters, let’s clear up some general facts already confirmed on this topic.

RFID tags are miniscule microchips, which already have shrunk to half the size of a grain of sand. They listen for a radio query and respond by transmitting their unique ID code. Most RFID tags have no batteries: They use the power from the initial radio signal to transmit their response.

What does this all mean? In layman’s terms, RFID chips are the equivalent to IDs we may carry with us in our wallets or purses. What makes these chips so incredibly dangerous is their accuracy and size. RFID chips are currently being employed in products such as tires, clothing, electronics, etc., so as to track delivery and confirm locations of shipment. There are already human chips available to help aid those with severe illnesses where quick identification is a necessity. We can only begin to imagine how far RFID technology will reach. Regardless whether or not we have chips injected directly into our bodies; the clothes we wear and the electronics we possess will all become trackable. If this is does not alarm you, consider an alternative approach. Imagine RFID chips being the sole method of identification. Considering that roughly 70% of all U.S. currency is electronic, who is to say this number will not jump to 100%. With this scenario in mind, it is not difficult to imagine RFID chips directly linked to our banking systems. Imagine yourself in a desperate need to pay off your taxes for example. Now picture the IRS having complete control over inputting a sequence of codes to either deduct money through your chip or completely turning it off. This world I ask of you to envision is not a dream; instead, it is a glimpse of a totalitarian government controlling its citizens as if they were no more useful than a robot performing monotonous tasks day after after, year in year out. This may be the world of the future.

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Today’s Reality
April 20, 2009, 3:40 am
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In today’s world, there are two distinct types of people. Those with greed and those in need. Regardless of what you may think, modern civilization is consumed by greed. This includes each and every one of us. We are raised in a competitive environment striving to succeed and have powerful positions in the world economy. We purchase as much as our credit limit possibly allows and yet we lack a sense of material adequacy. Those in need however, are the complete opposites of us. The one thing we share in common is the earth itself. While watching the following clip please look past what you’ve been told by governmental aid, charity funds, etc. We should not seek freedom within individual nations – freedom ought to be universal and enjoyed by all.

Additional Media
April 20, 2009, 2:12 am
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I would like to inform everyone that I have recently added a new sidelink titled publications, which will direct you to a separate page dedicated to additional media related to topics brought up within previous blogposts. Feel free to take a look!

G20 con’t
April 20, 2009, 12:25 am
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In addition to my previous post, I would like to take some time in order to look over the g20’s mission for world stability. Posted in the sidebar, you will find the g20’s official website where you may choose to look this subject over in further detail. While reading what looks to be the g20’s mission statement, I was immediately drawn in by the phrases used within the document as well as their unclear meanings. To take a look at what I found worth noting, please look over to the sidelink titled g20 review. First, I’d like to mention the document’s reference on strengthening the world’s financial architecture. Is it not obvious that there have been far more serious concerns this world has seen than a slight dip in share value on Wall Street? Providing the world’s population with clean drinking water, affordable education, and dependable healthcare ought to be on g20’s top list of problems in need of a solution. Stating that the g20 has a crucial role in resolving the issues of financial stability is terrifying. Individual governments as well as the people themselves should be offered a definite say in a situation such as this. The final piece which I found worth mentioning in terms of the g20 mission statement is its position on stabilizing the financial system stating that “…[the g20] is prepared to take whatever actions are necessary…” to achieve its goals. Nothing more is expanded in reference to this claim. What worries me most is the determination g20 carries when making it clear that nothing will stop the global stabilization process.

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G20 riots
April 19, 2009, 11:52 pm
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April 2, 2009.

As many of you may already know, the G20 summit was held earlier this month to address the current status of the world’s financial systems. Among the 19 governors present at this convention was United States’ president, Barrack Obama. However, it is not the summit per se that I would like to bring to your attention; rather, the excessive force used by British police in the riots protesting the event. Amidst all that was happening on this particular day, Ian Tomlinson, a newspaper seller, was making his way back home. Of course, it possible to make an attempt at describing what exactly happened to Mr. Tomlinson; nevertheless, the video embedded below this post presents much needed detail in the case of Tomlinson’s death. Initially, a consensus was made stating that Tomlinson’s death was caused by a heart-attack shortly after the incident occurred. As an autopsy would later reveal, Mr. Tomlinson’s death was related to internal bleeding. This poses a serious problem as there is a direct link between the policeman who pushed Tomlinson and his later death. What type of mentality does state police possess while patrolling the streets of London, Manchester, or any other city around the world? Those who we expect to defend us in times of need are turning to brutality as a means of setting their points across to the general public. This type of behavior is absurd and must be addressed if we are to feel safe walking the streets of our cities. Watching this video, it’s clear that many emotions are evoked and through this pathos, we find a common ground against the tyranny happening around us. There are far too many cases, such as this one, which shine light on the maliciousness of police force and the methods they employ to regain control.

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Q & A
April 10, 2009, 1:51 am
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Who am I?

I am college student studying political science, looking at the world objectively trying to create a somewhat justifiable argument for how we live our lives. In short, I am a rebel.

Why am I creating this website? Why do I choose to target freedom as a problem within society?

Making this blog, I am not trying to manipulate our way of thinking, as some may think through the radical views I am taking on. Instead, I am simply making an attempt to raise awareness and let the conclusions be set individually.

What audience am I creating this website for?

In general, the website is targeted for all individuals. Of course, because many elders have a strong belief in their ideals and solidify them with age, I may find it difficult to reach out to this particular group. Overall, I assume that it will be the younger generations that will most likely find some type of truth in the words I present.