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G20 riots
April 19, 2009, 11:52 pm
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April 2, 2009.

As many of you may already know, the G20 summit was held earlier this month to address the current status of the world’s financial systems. Among the 19 governors present at this convention was United States’ president, Barrack Obama. However, it is not the summit per se that I would like to bring to your attention; rather, the excessive force used by British police in the riots protesting the event. Amidst all that was happening on this particular day, Ian Tomlinson, a newspaper seller, was making his way back home. Of course, it possible to make an attempt at describing what exactly happened to Mr. Tomlinson; nevertheless, the video embedded below this post presents much needed detail in the case of Tomlinson’s death. Initially, a consensus was made stating that Tomlinson’s death was caused by a heart-attack shortly after the incident occurred. As an autopsy would later reveal, Mr. Tomlinson’s death was related to internal bleeding. This poses a serious problem as there is a direct link between the policeman who pushed Tomlinson and his later death. What type of mentality does state police possess while patrolling the streets of London, Manchester, or any other city around the world? Those who we expect to defend us in times of need are turning to brutality as a means of setting their points across to the general public. This type of behavior is absurd and must be addressed if we are to feel safe walking the streets of our cities. Watching this video, it’s clear that many emotions are evoked and through this pathos, we find a common ground against the tyranny happening around us. There are far too many cases, such as this one, which shine light on the maliciousness of police force and the methods they employ to regain control.

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