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G20 con’t
April 20, 2009, 12:25 am
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In addition to my previous post, I would like to take some time in order to look over the g20’s mission for world stability. Posted in the sidebar, you will find the g20’s official website where you may choose to look this subject over in further detail. While reading what looks to be the g20’s mission statement, I was immediately drawn in by the phrases used within the document as well as their unclear meanings. To take a look at what I found worth noting, please look over to the sidelink titled g20 review. First, I’d like to mention the document’s reference on strengthening the world’s financial architecture. Is it not obvious that there have been far more serious concerns this world has seen than a slight dip in share value on Wall Street? Providing the world’s population with clean drinking water, affordable education, and dependable healthcare ought to be on g20’s top list of problems in need of a solution. Stating that the g20 has a crucial role in resolving the issues of financial stability is terrifying. Individual governments as well as the people themselves should be offered a definite say in a situation such as this. The final piece which I found worth mentioning in terms of the g20 mission statement is its position on stabilizing the financial system stating that “…[the g20] is prepared to take whatever actions are necessary…” to achieve its goals. Nothing more is expanded in reference to this claim. What worries me most is the determination g20 carries when making it clear that nothing will stop the global stabilization process.

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